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Model Horses



Item #CMH03: Hagen-Renaker discontinued laying down unicorn. Iridescent pearly pink unicorn on green flowered base. Signed HR on bottom of base. 4.5" long, 2" tall. Mint condition. One pound shipping rate. $65.00

Item #CMH04: Hagen-Renaker discontinued little girl with pony. Sorrel shaggy pony and little girl in riding outfit with blue ribbons in her hair. 4" long, 2.5" tall. Mint condition. One pound shipping rate. We have two. $45.00 each

Item #CMH01: Breyer El Pastor. Traditional scale Paso Fino in a particularly nice bay with lovely shading. Good condition with hoof and ear rubs, and minor pressure point body scuffles, all of which should be easy to touch-up. Two pound shipping rate. $40.00

Item #CMH02: Breyer Old Timer. Traditional scale horse in dapple grey with spatter dapples and pale shading. Hat variation with no colored band. Very good condition with very minor yellowing and hoof, nose, and ear rubs. Two pound shipping rate. $35.00

Item #CMH07: Thelwell "Easy Jump First." Made of resin, 4" long, 2.5" tall. Dated 1986. Check out the expressions on the kids' faces! $75.00

Item #CMH05: Large porcelain vintage Made in Japan horse. Brown glaze, 7.25" tall. One leg has been broken but repaired, otherwise in good condition. One pound shipping rate. $10.00

Item #CMH06: Chinese style wood or resin pair of horses. Red hued, one rearing, one trotting, with windswept manes and tails. They have felt pads on their bases so that they don't scratch your furniture. Each approx. 3" tall. One pound shipping rate. $10.00


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