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Item #CANI01: Cat teapot. Cute orange cat in a dress and apron, carrying a cream pitcher and tea towel. Glazed ceramic, signed "HAND PAINTED TAKAHASHI SAN FRANCISCO," "JETO CRAFT," and "SE-447 A B C." Excellent condition. Two pound shipping rate. $10.00

Item #CANI02: Lifelike box turtle. 7.5" long, 5" wide, and 2.5" tall. The antique dealer I bought this from years and years ago told me this is a "bronzed" turtle. It looks real to me, and keeps fooling my kids, too. Heavy fellow, intact but well worn. Three pound shipping rate. $235.00

Item #CANI03: Shafford Poodle figurine. Grey, beautifully sculpted and glazed ceramic, has Shafford Japan gold sticker and is also stamped either "169" or "691." 6.75" tall, 7.5" long. Mint condition. $50.00

Item #CANI04: Set of three old metal elephants. All three are painted grey with red, white and black dot eyes. Two are walking and 2.25" tall, and one is rearing and 3.25" tall. The rearing one is stamped "_____ PROPS MADE IN ENGLAND ______" on his belly. I cannot read all of the stamp. The sculpting on these little guys is actually quite nice! All have moderate paint rubs which is standard for toys of this type and age and are therefore in fair condition. $45.00


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